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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (Light)

We take pride in presenting our exquisite Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, sourced directly from a small family farm nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Kingston, Jamaica. Our commitment to quality is evident in the careful cultivation and rigorous certification process that ensures every bean meets the stringent standards of the prestigious Jamaican Blue Mountain designation.


These high-grown, Grade 1 Arabica beans flourish in the ideal climate and rich volcanic soil of the Blue Mountains. This environment imparts unique characteristics to the coffee, resulting in a cup that is truly unparalleled in its flavor and aroma.


Renowned as one of the world's most extraordinary coffees, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee captivates coffee connoisseurs with its balance, smoothness, and gentle acidity. Every sip delivers a harmonious blend of delicate floral notes, subtle hints of nuts, and a velvety texture that lingers on the palate, leaving a lasting impression. 

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (Light)

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  • This light-roasted full-body coffee is well balanced, rich in flavor, and delivers zero bitterness, with a silky chocolate finish. No passport is required to experience the unique taste of our Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

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